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Here are the linking root domains for a prominently ranking Miami personal injury firm:

Folks, it’s just this easy.

Google’s Webspam Fighting PR > Actual Webspam Fighting

  • Gyi,

    Is what you’ve presented above representative of the industry in general do you think? For example, if you were to take the top 3 ranking lawyer websites in 10 major US cities – do you think what is above would roughly hold for all of them or is this one a bit of an anomaly?


    • Al,

      Unfortunately, it’s representative.

      Organizing the world’s information is a huge. Google invests heavily in fighting web spam. By now, most of us have seen several cases of sites that have been impacted by updates or received manual action. This is true in the U.S. legal industry too.

      That all being said, it’s truly amazing how well spam is still working for many law firms across competitive markets here in the U.S.

      And we’re not talking about very creative stuff here either. We’re talking the stuff that’s supposed to have “stopped working” years ago.

      Those of us who advise against these types of tactics are put in a difficult spot.

      We say, “this shouldn’t work for very long.” Months and years go by. It’s still working. We lose credibility.

      In fact, we’ve shifted from, “don’t do that,” to “here are some things we see working, here are the risks, etc.”

      I’m rooting for Google, but despite all the web spam fighting press, spam is alive and well in the legal market.

      • Casey Meraz

        This reminds me of a really sweet result I have been tracking for the past few weeks in Santa Ana, California for the keyword Santa Ana Personal Injury Lawyer…

        pld-c (dot) net

        Exact Match Anchor Link Profile + Bad Content + Standard WordPress Theme = 2014 Lawyer Marketing Strategy