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Making Marketing “Stuff”

You’ve decided you want to grow your business. And no matter the medium, you become eager to get “marketing stuff.” Maybe you decide on a direct mail piece. Perhaps you decide upon a new website and / or blog. There is a lot of stuff you can get produced for marketing. But in the rush to create all this stuff, too often people lose the bigger picture.

Marketing isn’t about making stuff. It’s about communicating the value of your product or service to customers and clients.

And the best way to communicate this value is by having awesome products and services.

When you have the best product or service, your customers and clients will communicate the value.

In a perfect marketplace, there would be seamless interaction between your happy customers and clients and curious shoppers and inquiring prospective clients.

Of course, this is not how the world works, at least not quite yet. This is where marketing “stuff” comes into play.

But the “stuff” should always communicate the value through the lens of satisfied customers and clients. And this is what is often forgot. The focus becomes the “stuff.”

Throw in a little bit of ego and voila, we get a lot of the web marketing that we see today.

Business owners telling people how awesome they and their products and services are.

And lawyers are certainly no exception.

  • Lawyers write about how much experience they have.
  • They produce videos about how hard they will fight for you.
  • They add badges to their websites describing the awards they have won.

None of which communicate the value of their services through the lens of clients.

So, the next time you consider making some marketing stuff, create it from the perspective of your clients and prospective clients.