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Word of Mouth and the Internet

Still wondering about whether people are talking about you, your product, or your services online? According to Google, the internet has passed television as the leading source of information motivating conversations.

But is what you publish online motivating conversations? I spend a lot of time looking at what lawyers post on their websites, blogs, and various other publishing profiles. In my humble opinion, the overwhelming majority of what I see simply isn’t very effective at motivating conversations.

While there is no doubt that legal information doesn’t lend itself as nicely to conversation as, say, entertainment information (i.e. movies, sports, music, televisions), I have seen some legal professionals effectively generating conversation with their web content. I mean, if Old Spice can get us talking about body wash, lawyers should be able to motivate conversation about the law.

When you publish online, think about whether or not what you are writing is likely to motivate conversation. Is what you are writing about being “looked for” online? Are you delivering your message or point in an interesting way? Is what you are writing about likely to be discussed by those who are reading it? Is what you are writing about likely to be avidly consumed, shared, and linked to?