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I Heart Blimpy Burger

If you’re planning a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan and you like hamburgers, I strongly recommend that you check out Blimpy Burger. I’ve had a lot of great burgers in my day, and I would put Blimpy against any of them. On my trip back to Michigan for the holiday last week, I had another opportunity to put a notch in my Blimpy belt. On this last visit, I opted for a quint on a kaiser roll, with fried egg, onions, american cheese, and bacon. While this trip wasn’t as filling as my attempt to break the record (I completed two 15’s and fell four short of the then record of 34), it was an excellent reminder of why I put it in the mix with such fantastic beef concoctions as In ‘n Out, Redamaks, and Red Coat.

If you ever find yourself in the Ace Deuce, don’t forget to stop by Krazy Jim’s. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.