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Me Want SEO

Jeff fielded a call the other day from someone inquiring about SEO for her law firm. When he asked the caller about her site, she stated that she’d rather not say. As Jeff put it, “that’s like calling a car repair shop and asking for a quote on repairs but refusing to tell the mechanic what type of car you have and what the problem is.”

I think Jeff’s analogy is pretty good. Is it impossible to work-up an SEO proposal in the dark? Of course not. We could make recommendations on a new site based upon information about a firm’s practice, location, budget, etc. However, if you have a site upon which you’d like to have work done, why would you handicap the person you’re retaining to do the work?

Hey criminal defense attorney, I need you to defend me. Ok, what are you being charged with? I’d rather not say. What are the facts surrounding the incident. I’d rather not say. What is your name? I’d rather not say.