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Power of Web Presence

I’m getting married. Thanks. As I didn’t do much (any) of the heavy-lifting in planning the nuptials, I have been tasked with planning the honeymoon. I will spare you the boring details of our decision-making process, but something unexpected happened that is illustrative of the power of web presence.

One of the areas that we’re considering for our trip is the Caribbean. Having vaguely recalled some news stories related to safety, I began researching the potential dangers of visiting various islands. One of my searches turned up this result page:

dangerous caribbean islands   Google Search

Clicking on the first link, as most of us tend to do, took me to this post:

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations in the World   Cruise Law News


Fortunately for me, I haven’t needed Jim Walker’s services. However, if I ever did have a cruise-related legal issue, you can be sure that he would be near the top of my consideration set (.pdf).

Likewise, if someone I know is facing such issues, I’d likely pass along a link to Jim’s blog. Heck, even if they’re not facing these issues, but are just considering a trip to the Caribbean, I’d probably pass along his post.

See how powerful this stuff can be?