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Cheap SEO Pricing [Infographic]

Are you looking for cheap SEO? Want to rank #1 in search engines in a week?

Check out this infographic (infospamic) by Tecmark:

Tecmark SEO infospamic
Infographic by Tecmark

Now I found this quite funny. Unfortunately, there are many lawyers who have been burned with inexperienced, irresponsible or downright unscrupulous SEO consultants.

What makes this more than simply entertaining, is that it provides the warning flags that you should avoid in hiring a law firm SEO consultant. Let’s review a couple of them:

#1 Guaranteed Number 1 Rankings in a WEEK

No one can guarantee rankings! Period. End of story. If someone is promising you guaranteed rankings, hang up.

Even if they can get you to number one, chances are that it will be for keywords that generate little to no targeted traffic.

And even if they can get you to number one for keywords that generate some traffic, and they do so within a week, I have a guarantee for you: it won’t last very long.

Don’t fall victim to the guarantee fairy:

Cheap SEO Pricings

Like most other things in the world, when it comes to SEO, you get what you pay for. In fact, Godaddy sells “quasi-seo-submission” packages for:

Wondering how good it is? Make sure you know what you’re paying for.

Don’t buy SEO on price. And don’t buy it from those selling it on price. Learn what services your SEO agency intends on providing to you and why they are doing it. Make them tell you!

Endorsements by Matt Cutts or Google

The Tecmark infographic references Matt Chopps and Schmoogle. This is a play on Matt Cutts and Google.

This one’s easy. Neither Matt Cutts nor Google publicly recommend or endorse any SEO shops.

If you know Matt personally, perhaps he will make a private recommendation to you.

Otherwise, if “they” are claiming an endorsement, recommendation or any kind of special relationship with Matt Cutts or Google, hang up!

Guru, Thought Leader, Ninja, Wizard

If they’re using these terms to convince you, and you’re getting convinced, shame on you.

Link Building, Keyword Stuffer, Coppyrighter

If you’re buying link building services, ask:

  • Who will be doing the link building specifically?
  • What techniques will they be using to build links?
  • Where will they be attempting to acquire links from?
  • When they do acquire new links, how will this be reported to you?
  • Why are they building links from the sites that they have chosen?
  • How do they anticipate these links will translate in terms of traffic, rankings and potential client inquiries?

If they’re talking about stuffing keywords on a page, hang up.

If you’re going to purchase content from them, get examples. If it looks like they struggle with English, say no thanks.

Thank you to Tecmark for this very entertaining and useful infographic. Hopefully, you’ve helped some folks avoid the common SEO snake-oil.