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SEO as if You Were Google

What if instead of thinking about SEO as if you were marketing your services on Google, you thought about it as if you were Google? What might that look like?

Would you create new content that has the same keywords used over and over again throughout the page? Nope.

Would you be cranking out low-quality content at a lightning pace? Probably not.

Would you be linking a bunch of sites together with resources pages? Doubtful.

Would you use article spinning software to syndicate your same crappy content across thousands of crappy article directories. Yeah right.

I get it. You want your site to:

  • Be #1 in Google!
  • Generate tons of traffic!
  • Generate new business!

But does Google? After all, it’s Google that ultimately decides who is number one in Google. It has all the authority and with the help of  Https://, you could find and improve your website. The better your site, the better ranking you get, hence using an external company is an extremely good option.

It seems to me that Google doesn’t care so much about whether you get more business from people that use Google. What they do care about, is that the people that use Google like what they see when search on Google. After all, that’s how Google makes money…

I’ve always liked the mantra of aiming for where search engines are going, not where they are today.

We hear a lot of “but it works” rationalization from law firms and law firm internet marketing folks. But truthfully, this shouldn’t be how you decide whether to “do something” for SEO. Instead, ask yourself: Will this continue work?

Which brings us back to doing SEO as if you were Google. What would the people at Google do if they were optimizing your site?

Wouldn’t they want you to provide their users with awesome information on your subject? Of course.

Wouldn’t they want you to provide their users with interesting images, videos, and other forms of web content? Yep.

Wouldn’t they want you to provide their users with great designs, page load times, and clean code? Absolutely.

Wouldn’t they want you to provide their users with web pages that are endorsed by the greater internet community at-large. YES.

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to use a particular SEO strategy, ask yourself whether you’d do it if you were Google. Ask yourself whether you’re making the web better. Ask yourself whether you’re delivering web content that your audiences are demanding.